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Pain Relief Depot

                          Atlas for Cultivating Hope and Recovery

We offer certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage, 

Deep Tissue Massage, Prenatal Massage, and Reflexology.


 Chiara Young

Licensed Massage Therapist​

Styles of Body Work by Chiara

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Deep Tissue

Esalen Massage

Foot Massage

Hand Reflexology

Prenatal Massage

Swedish Massage

"Body Work & Energetic Healing is my happy place 

 that I plan to share with you!"

foot detox pain relief plantar fasciitis stress reduction

palliative care cancer recovery pain relief stress reduction

BOOK a Massage!

Are You READY to Re-educate your Body?

Regular Massages are $80 per Hour.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massages are $100 per Hour

The Massage Space is located inside two locations for your convenience.

Thrive Acupuncture

368 Indian Boundary Rd

Chesterton, Indiana

Vibrations Health, Wellness Juice Bar & Cafe

430 S. Lake Street

Gary, Indiana, 46403

Through massage and other soft tissue techniques, our bodies can be re-educated to function more productively. 

Restore movement, increase flexibility and manage pain! 

I can teach you how to have better bowel movements by guiding you on how to perform abdominal massages yourself.

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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Would you like to feel more relaxed?

Massage is a great way to chill out. Massage improves circulation because your body is being manipulated. Getting a massage reduces aches, pains, and muscle tightness. Massage makes you feel good because passive strokes with varied pace release endorphins, which help you feel better.

Massage Therapy Sessions

Wellness Workshops 

Worksites & Private Groups 



Personal Health Improvement Programs